Innovation in Education helps transform humans

New aptitudes and learning can start a lifetime of progress. We have outlined and conveyed programmes in instruction, well-being, and financial open door that give groundbreaking chances to the individuals who require them most.

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Capacity Building for
persons, companies and systems

Supporting proficient advancement and cultivating authority to make positive change. CeIR creates expert educated proficient improvement and assets that fabricate proficient and hierarchical limits. We connect with educators, well-being suppliers, and group organization staff in groups of training that consider current discoveries compelling techniques to help grown-up learning and frameworks upgrades.

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Responding to questions through Research

CeIR undertakes research missions in elearning and information technology as well as the associated areas of interest to meet the newest existing demands in the technology-oriented globe for the advantage of human kind.

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Building stronger strategic relationships

CeIR develops strategic relationships and builds its programming on a returning client base and an accumulation of educational content that can be re-purposed and re-soldral areas.

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Pledging information technology for human good

The Centre for elearning and Information Technology Research (CeIR) is an education activity support and information technology solution institution that provides ICT-based training in theory and practice, and contributing to the research and development (R&D) in the fields of Information and Communication Technology in Zambia and around the globe. Our overall goal of the Center is to help better understand how the fruits of Technology and Research will shape innovation in the 21st century and beyond.

For Professionals

We provide professional development programs that are focused on building capacities through short and longer courses. We are committed to meeting all areas of specialization and training needs across all ICT and Business disciplines. We offer the right tools, techniques, guidance and support.

For Students

We provide tertiary education through alternative platforms - that are way designed for skill and knowledge upgrading. We offer a complete alternative to usual classroom based tertiary education. We are particularly inclined to Information Technology Courses, and Business Management

For Organizations

We work with organizations and government through a competitive advantage interaction that effect organisational change, and stimulates organizational growth. We offer agile and waterfall consulting in Information Technology. We build the organization image and intelligence on the market.

For ICT Impact

We work with primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, through innovative ICT technologies, and also provides a service that enable strategic acquisition, management, and discovery of the power of elearning and information technology.

Connecting people to leading minds

CeIR Meetings, Conferences & Events are a dedicated partner supported events for industry experts driven to shape innovative and high quality
research in the elearning and information technology realms. CeIR organizes its own events, managing them for positive outcome, including registration, audience development and program design; as well as sponsorship, publications and financial management. The audience level for these gatherings are worldwide.

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Advancing the informational Gatherings 

We promote an invaluable channel for educators, technologists, scientists and researchers to exchange ideas and research by creating a forum for the possibilities of future collaborations between colleges, universities, institutions, research bodies and organizations from different backgrounds through local and international workshops, seminars, conferences and meetings.

The need of innovation in Education

We require more innovation in light of the necessities of survive and flourish. To survive, we should create new answers to manage ceaseless difficulties originating from both the physical world and social world. To flourish, we should go past routine to have new elucidation of the world, and therefore, to add to the world.

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You can choose to Partner with Us

Through CSR, Companies can partner with us to reach women and girls.

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Bring your hand, let us walk together smoothly.

Working together creates a ripple effect of progress, collaboration, and enrichment across each industry we touch.

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Study with our tuition-free courses

We set the syllabus, provide study materials and assess your work. Local teaching institutions can support you or study independently via online and distance learning. Most of our courses are designed to be studied independently. However, if you prefer structured study support, you can attend online classes for many of our undergraduate courses at a specific time when our tutors conduct online classes through teamviewer and Skype.

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- Professional Short Courses

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We are a leading independent, educational research institution, with the authoritative, legitimate, and business structures to serve any client with projects of all sizes in elearning and information technology realms. Our sense of duty regarding magnificence reaches out to our business frameworks and procedures, making it simple for clients, subcontractors, and sellers to work together with us.

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